Malgorzata Szafrańska & My Left Leg

Malgorzata is a student of natural medicine based in Dublin.

She is passionate about natural health and cosmetics made from organic ingredients. Long before she started on her journey into natural medicine she began to research natural ingredients and remedies. So much so, that out of a personal need for natural deodorant the first seeds of My Left Leg were sown.

The company name My Left Leg embodies her personal philosophy of using sustainable ingredients, avoiding harsh chemicals and using eco-friendly packaging. It also represents her qualities of strength and resilience that she has built up on her personal journey.


About Us



The first product to launch under the Saffron brand is a natural deodorant scented with saffron and peppermint oils. It is hand-made and the recipe is certified by Oxford Biosciences Ltd.

After an unsuccessful search to find an effective natural deodorant, Malgorzata brought together her research into natural ingredients and her studies in natural medicine to create her own natural deodorant, which she has been sharing with her friends and family for the past few years.  

This year, Malgorzata has decided to let the secret out and to share it with you! To make sure it remains true to it’s origins, she has called the brand Saffron, the English version of her surname, Szafrańska.

She hopes you find it as effective as she does!